Monday, April 06, 2009

Jahzar is neutered!

Jahzar, formerly known as Jahzara, has now been neutered as of April 3rd, 2009. We trapped him Thursday and kept him overnight as there was no doctor on duty. He was neutered Friday morning. Yea!

I have to say that I am not exceptionally fond of how we are supposed to release the cats so soon after their surgery. I have been assured that they are fine, we give them pain meds, etc, but after seeing Jehzar fumble his way around, I feel that it would be better to keep them just a bit longer. (We had actually kept him longer than the others, which was odd.)

I am also going to suggest that we start tipping the ear, not chopping half of it off. I believe the tech supervisor gets a little chop happy when she performs the tipping procedure. It's a bit much, although, as a lowly kennel attendent, how do I suggest this? But I do plan on making it a priority the next time we have a cat to spay/neuter. Also, there is no way I am releasing a female cat the same day. There HAS to be a recovery time of at least a day, although it is something I should look into more.

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