Thursday, November 19, 2009

No More Soda???

There's no more soda in the house. I almost went out to buy some more, but my dad asked me not to. He's trying to stop drinking so much of it. And if I buy some, even for me, he'll be tempted. So I'm going to try to stop drinking so much. Too. = ) We'll see how this goes.

Diet Pepsi is so my drug. It's my wee bit of happiness. *waaah* But I guess I don't want to die of Diet Pepsi poisoning, so I should kick this bad habit. In the gut. *stab stab* *kick kick*

Okay, I totally spilled water all over myself just now. NOT HAPPY WITH THIS WATER. NOT USED TO DRINKING OUT OF A GLASS. (just kidding?)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


A person who does not believe that animals possess consciousness is one who scares me. If animals cannot truly experience "conscious" life because they do not speak, because they cannot think about thinking about their thoughts... then what about children? Babies? I remember reading somwhere that previous scientists/doctors, whoever, believed that babies and children did not have the capacity for pain and consciousness. Now we laugh at that piece of craziness. Of course babies feel pain. Of course they experience consciousness. Of course they remember people, places, objects.

My sister used to ask me about people who speak other languages, "But they think in English, right?" (I think she still has difficulty with this, haha) Who are we to believe that because a person or animal does not speak our particular language, that they must not really be speaking? I'm sure people used to believe those speaking other languages were really just talking gibberish. But now, of course, we know they just have a different language. They're speaking, we just can't understand their language. But they can, they know what they're saying, they can communicate with others that speak their language. That's not so difficult to get, right?

So, animals. Have their own language. Why is this so hard to believe? How many languages are there in this world? How many species of animals are in this world? Why would it be so hard to accept that each species has its own communication system? Its own language. Just because we can't understand what they are saying does not mean that they are not truly communicating. If you were thrown into France, with no tutor, no high school French classes to help you out, how long would it take for you to learn the language? A long time. (For me, anyway...) And though animal languages may not be as developed as ours, they have a different way of communicating. A way that would take us a while to understand because we are used to spoken words, written words, the alphabet and number system. But letters mean nothing to animals. They use body language, barks, chirps, meows, growls, squeals, scents, and a bazillion types of markings.

So when my cat looks at me while I'm drinking my soda and the bottle makes a crackling sound, I know she's not thinking, "Hey, look at that soda bottle. Wonder if she'll share." But in that mind, in whatever way she thinks, she did look up at me because the bottle made a noise and she wanted to identify it. Animals have languages, they have thoughts, they make decisions, they have memories, they feel pain, they know happiness. They have consciousness.

"They" talk about animals being programmed. About living life in a kind of darkness. Just going through the motions of being an animal. About "mimicking" consciousness. Huh? How can you mimic consciousness? I highly doubt animals have been programmed to fool us into thinking they are conscious, when *haha* they really aren't! Fooled you, huh? It all seems like bunch of excuses from people who don't want to admit that we are morally, ethically responsible for how we treat animals. If animals feel nothing in their dark, preprogrammed state of mimicking consciousness, then we can go ahead and torture them to our hearts' content, correct?

Do these people have pets? So if I go to their house, I can go ahead and kick their dogs for fun, right? B/c they don't feel "real" pain? They're just faking it, right? They don't really believe this stuff, right? Goodness.

Like I said, people who actually believe that animals do not experience life with happiness, pain, language, actual thoughts - they scare me. Just because we do not understand how animals think - or what they're thinking - that does not mean they don't have language, that they don't communicate, that they don't have conscious minds. Why is the *human* understanding the basis for all knowledge? Just because we aren't able to figure something out does not mean it cannot be there. That's putting our understanding at an almighty level! Are we really that vain??? *Wow*

Job Interview Tomorrow

The title says it all. I am, of course, feeling apprehensive. I'm not good with oral tests, and that's what an interview is. Give me a half hour with a pen and paper and I will answer all your questions, but orally? I don't do the best.

My body tries to shut down on me when I am anxious. I feel tired, bored, jittery. I just want to sleep. But I have slept months away before and am now aware that is *not* the way to go about life. Because when life ends, do you want to think "Sleeping was great!"? No. B/c "sleep" is all you do from then on. In a way. (Not sure what I believe on the after-life yet...)

The Feliway that I ordered online came yesterday. I sprayed it liberally on my bed and blankets. I debated between the spray and the diffuser. The spray is cheaper, but the diffuser spreads it about more effectively. Which lasts longer? The diffuser is supposed to last a month. I should buy a black light. B/c if Mellie is peeing anywhere else, I think I might go ahead and buy a diffuser. But right now, it's just the bed, so maybe the spray will help.

I'm just confused. I know that Feliway is supposed to help with anxiety, which makes sense, but I'm not sure if it will help in my case. B/c Domino ambushing Melian in the litterbox is probably not due to stress, but b/c he doesn't have enough room to play/doesn't have someone to play with. He wants to play with Mellie, but she stopped adoring him for some reason. (Probably b/c we're all cooped up in here. Who wouldn't get irritated with someone you're imprisoned with for a year?) So the spray may help Mellie from being anxious, but I don't think it will help Noms from trying to play with her. Unless he's doing it to be rude??? Or unless I'm totally off the mark here, and she's peeing/pooping on my bed for some other reason. Who knows. It may or may not help. We'll just have to see.

I can only interpret so much. Too bad they can't just tell me what's going on...

Speaking of limited space, Michele, a vet tech from work (but who works elsewhere now) asked me if I would move in with her. She's definitely desperate, because she has three cats and a dog - and the thought of trying to get six cats to get along isn't pleasant... She rents a condo through T's mom, her roommate kind of disappeared, stopped paying rent, etc. She's been trying to find a roommate, was thinking of buying a house, but things aren't working out. I don't think *we'd* have problems living together, as we keep to ourselves, mostly, but the pets might be an issue. My cats would be scared of her dog, our cats might not get along, somebody would probably start peeing, and who wants to clean up cat pee??? Not I.

But, I can only move out if I get another job. We'll see how this interview goes. Even if I do get a job, though, it doesn't mean I'll be able to move out right away. And how will K feel? I don't even know if she still wants to move up here...

One thing I'm all proud of myself for is remembering that even if the interview goes badly, that if I fumble for words and don't know how to answer their questions, it's not the end of the world. It sounds so cliche, but even if things don't go the way I want, maybe it's better that way. Things will be the same, and yes, we want change, but the *same* is not me dying, being tortured, living on the streets, starving, etc. It's just me trying to move along in life, seemingly a little slower than others. But that's me. I can't be anyone else, you know? Even if I try. I have to deal with the only me that I know. And sometimes, that's okay. = )

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Burmese Momma and New Cat

Mrs. L called me last Sunday morning, telling me that she had trapped the Burmese momma cat. She was very excited, as she didn't think she'd be able to get this one. I found out the next available date to take her in, which fortunately, was the next day. The cat was spayed, ear-tipped, and vaccinated for rabies and distemper. It didn't look like she had been pregnant recently, which is a good thing. = )

B/c of the weather, Mrs. L took her back home to recuperate for a couple of days. I hope she does well.

So, that leaves us with the grey and white momma cat, the two grey kittens, and the black kitten. Mrs. L is trying to get the kittens to socialize and rehome, but I have a feeling that the black one is too old for socialization. If so, we need to trap hir to be sterilized. So definitely one, possibly two more cats there at Wendy's. She's going to be attempting to trap the momma and babies with a large cage instead of a trap, and will call me when she's got her. At least baby season is over for the time being.

Oh, and I guess there's a new stray cat over there. Black and white, very friendly, gives love bites. I told her that if she gets him, to just give me a call and we'll get him in as well. I put an ad on Craigslist in case he's someone's pet, but no answers... He may be an indoor/outdoor cat, maybe lost, maybe abandoned... who knows. But at least if he sticks around, he'll be taken care of.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Collecting Cats

This is Wanda.

She came from a house with WAY TOO MANY cats.

But she is very sweet.

This is Mittens. I don't even know if he has mittens. (Probably does, but still.) He came a day after his sister.

Our director agreed to take these two in from a woman who has realized she has too many animals and cannot take care of them all.

I hope a good home can be found for these two. They're very sweet, both declawed, altered, up to date on vaccinations, tested negative for FIV/FeLV, around age three... It's so hard to find homes for cats, though... Wish me luck!

Photos of the Tipsy Cats

Cat went a bit in, but didn't go further. I'm going to be tying the traps up so that they can get accustomed to eating from them for a bit. They were a bit shy of them...

All the cats seem pretty young. Between four months and a couple years.

There's one of the babies that the bartender took home. About eight weeks, I think?

Tiny baby.

The cats seem quite used to human presence, will stay within a couple feet, but won't let you touch them. A couple meow for their food, but I don't know if any of them have ever been in a home.

They all seem black and white, with the exception of that grey one.

This one is especially outgoing.

Pretty kitty. The baby had no ear mites, very little fleas (if any), which is good. Dehydrated, though. Need to make sure they always have clean water available.

I wonder where they sleep at night. They need some sort of shelter.

A lot of them look way too similar. I hope to be able to tell them apart after a few visits...

Let's get y'all sterilized! Walk right into the traps like good kitties!!! = )

Tipsy's Feral Cats

T and I are now involved in attempting to trap and sterilize the cats at a local bar. It's actually owned by the mom of a man who brings his dog here to our boarding facility. The woman has been feeding this group of cats for a while, another woman has been feeding the same group for over six years. Every day for six years. WOW. Did they not think of spay/neuter beforehand???

The bartender has taken home the three baby kitties. I brought the one to our facility just yesterday, as it has a respiratory infection. The third was finally trapped today. I believe she wants to find homes for the last two, but who knows. = ) She's a very nice woman, and I hope things work out well for the kittens. Now we just have to trap the other ten to fifteen cats!!!

Fortunately, the cats are being fed pretty well, but they need clean water and adequate shelter. I'm hoping to stress this to the people who are feeding them.

You look close enough, and there are cats EVERYWHERE. It's a bit scary. A bit overwhelming. Especially when our spay/neuter program is just a baby, and the kinks are far from worked out as of yet.

Also, we only have two traps at the moment, and the traps may not cover it when it comes to those who are too smart/too scared for them. I guess we'll figure that out when it comes to it, but I have a feeling it'll be *me* who does the figuring out.

Cats. *sigh*

Pictures in a moment. :)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Inappropriate Elimination

I kind of like the phrase "inappropriate elimination." It sounds like a medical term, when really, it just means your cat is pissing and shitting where you don't want her to.

Mellie has started pooping and peeing on my bed. She only does it while I am not here, b/c I have a feeling Domino is ambushing her in the litterbox. Poop I can deal with, pee I cannot. I took her to the vet to make sure she is fine medically, but I know this is behavioral. They (the cats) need more room, which is something I cannot provide for them at the moment.

I am going to order a Feliway diffuser for my room, hopefully that will help. Until then, I was going to keep Mellie in the bathroom while I'm away at work or gone for a few hours, but it seems that my father has a problem with that. Because if the cat is in the bathroom, that means he can't go in there. Not that he uses my bathroom much, but the fact that he wouldn't be able to whenever it suited him just irritates him. B/c god forbid he enter a room in which my cat resides. God forbid the baby be near one of my cats. God forbid I find a temporary solution to help my cats WHO HAVE BEEN LOCKED IN A BEDROOM FOR ALMOST A YEAR. I am a bit upset right now.

Honestly, I would rather her pee on the bed than the floor, but if she stays in here and Domino keeps this up, she will pee anywhere she can to make sure he doesn't bother her. And that makes anything game. If they were allowed to leave the room, she would have plenty of opportunity to use a litterbox without Domino's supervision, but alas, no. My dad can't handle cat hair, can't deal with the cats, can't even stand to know they've been out EVEN WHEN HE'S NOT AROUND.

He told me I have two months to find her a home. I told him there's no way I would even consider rehoming her. I'm already looking for another job to move out, it's not like I'm sitting on my ass doing nothing.

Haha, find her a new home. If *God* told me to find her a new home I wouldn't listen.