Friday, December 17, 2010

Kitty Crib

While at the thrift store, I saw this little bed. I knew immediately that I had to buy it for my cats. I was just going to put a fleece blanket in it, but then realized that those cardboard scratching things would fit perfectly! The blanket underneath is just keep it from slipping. The bed is the new favorite spot!

Domino on the baby-doll bed, while Mellie looks on from my bed. My bed is on the floor - I had a bad experience with the ET movie as a kid. A relative had gifted my sister and I comforter sets for Christmas when I was about four or five. My sister got cute kittens. I got monsters. No lie. These things had three eyes, four arms, antennae, etc. They were weird enough, but after ET, every time I hopped into bed, I thought of scary ET and his nasty fingers reaching up from under my bed to grab me and take me to the underworld with him. So I would lie perfectly still in the middle of the bed, hoping his hands couldn't reach me, asking my sister to talk to me until I fell asleep. Everyone else I've told laughs, saying, "But ET is so cute!" Uh, no. He wanted to eat me when I was little. Not cute. So now, my bed is on the floor. No more ET. He got squashed.

Domino says something unintelligible.

Mellie steals the bed from Noms...

And claims it, of course. Mellie thinks everything belongs to her. And it does, because she pushes everyone out of her way to get her way. She even smacks me when she wants my food! Naughty!


  1. Sorry you had that traumatic ET experience as a child! Yikes!

    As for the new cat bed with the cardboard scratcher ... brilliant! I can see why the kitties love it so much. :)

  2. I, your sister, did not have a clue about the ET thing! Well, I might have known then, but don't recall your being traumatized buy ET now! Nick has the pillow case to that monster/alien bedding on his bed! Lawson loves it!

    I really like the kitty bed/scratcher! Very creative. I should try to find one for Nienna and Truffle.

    By the way, you forgot to mention Nienna and Truffle in your Christmas card! got Tootsie and Rain though!

  3. awesome cat bed!! and i agree, ET is scary and creepy..

  4. Lawson can keep the monsters!

    Merry Christmas to Nienna and Truffle! I have their presents, I didn't forget about them!!!