Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Members of our Colony

I try to keep track of each cat we see, whether he/she tends to be a regular or not. This helps in identifing who needs to be altered, if we need more shelters, and if more food needs to be provided each day. I include even those that are only seen from a distance, as we want to represent as many members of our little wooded area as best as possible. I'll provide a brief list of our current cats, with a short physical description and alteration status. (In order of appearance, as accurately as possible)

1. Stranger (neutered, ear-tipped)
- all black, green eyes

2. Pickle/Boy George (neutered, ear-tipped)
- grey/brown tabby, thick white stripe down nose, large white vest down to stomach, white front and back feet

3. Snuggle/Tricky (neutered, ear-tipped)
- grey/brown tabby, tiny white spot between eyes, small white vest

4. Jehzar (neutered, ear-tipped)
- orange and white longhair, white marking down nose and left side of face, large white vest down to stomach

5. Brother Joe/JoeJoe (neutered, ear-tipped)
- grey, small white vest, white cheek spots, thin white stripe down nose and spot on nose

6. Torrini (neutered, ear-tpped)
- black with white vest, feet, and markings on muzzle

7. Stevie (neutered, ear-tipped)
- white with black spots, black on head, like a helmet

The wooded area behind the hospital is large enough so that we suspect there may be many cats out there. (There are always more stray and feral cats than anyone supposes.) The other day, I took a little walk through the trees to find out what was on the other side. There was a building, a parking lot, a few cars. I wanted to discover what building it was, but I didn't want anyone to see me walking out of the woods like a madwoman... = ) Tara and I have agreed to walk around the whole area on one of our days off to figure out how big it is, what's on all sides, and how best to provide for the cats out there.

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