Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Stray and Feral Sterilization Program

My workplace is implementing a stray and feral sterilization program quite soon. The paperwork is being finished at the moment and I am excited! The CSR supervisor mentioned that she will be talking to Dr. R about making me liaison for the program and I hope it turns out so.

I have been working on my "stray/feral cat handbook" scrapbook. It will be forever until I feel like I am finished with it, though. Scrapbooks are hard, people. Especially when you are a self-proclaimed perfectionist. Why do you think it took me years to write papers in college? Every paragraph had to be rewritten about twelve times. (Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. Just eight. ) Anyway, along with needing every minute detail to be perfect, I struggle with being too broad and too specific. I want to cover as many topics as possible that come up with the issue of TNR, but as it's simply a scrapbook/handbook, I feel I don't need to delve into every little topic. Just the basics. (Basics are difficult for me, though. I feel the need to say things ten times in ten different ways.) I do plan on including a "further resources" page, which may help me to not make a page on "how to arrange the pieces of straw so that they insulate best."*

Anyway, there I go in explaining things too much again.

The only issue (well not only, but lets not talk too much about my personal life here) I'm having is that I feel like my influence is going to be minimal as I CANNOT PASS MY DRIVING TEST. Yes, that is right, I am 22, I have failed my test four times now, and I seriously want to give up. I have a car, though. A cute little red Honda that my dad helped me purchase. I have been riding my bike more, but for someone like me, it gets a bit tiring. Especially when all I do is run around with dogs all day - I just really don't feel like biking home. (I have to proclaim that I am *not* a sucky driver. I drive like a perfectly normal human being. I just make stupid mistakes on the tests: speeding, turning the wheel the wrong direction when attempting to parallel park, and not yielding the right of way. Little things, people.)

But not being able to drive means that I quite limited in my ability to help people out. No trapping, transporting, or helping set up appropriate areas for feeding and sheltering. Hopefully I will be able to help out in other ways - such as information. And encouragement. = ) I am quite excited about the program, though. There are so many stray and feral cats around - it's good to have a resource to truly be able to help them on a larger scale.

Oh, and speaking of the scrapbook, I really should start talking about main topics that have to deal with stray and feral cats, huh? I promise to start that soon. As soon as I remember again. *shifty eyes*

*just kidding

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