Friday, February 19, 2010

And Smidgen makes 3

Smidgen is the baby of my three cats. She loves to play with those outlet protectors. Knock them down the stairs, meow as if a baby had been dropped down a well, then race to the bottom to save it! It's a great game to play, I suppose...

Another picture with her favorite piece of plastic....

Baby Smidge, curled up in her favorite blanket.

Smidge hiding from the world in her snuggle sack. She is really only a pair of eyes, her body no longer exists. At least, she would probably prefer it that way. She's very shy, hates to be walked at, and spooks at odd things like leaves in the window. She is a bit silly. She is very gentle, however, and will tolerate pretty much anything from a human.

My cats aren't as cute as some others', where the cats sprawl out with their tummies exposed to the sunlight. Maybe they're afraid I'll poke them? So when I saw Midge like this on the chair, I squealed! I haven't seen her lay like this since. So cute, though.

She looks like she's yelling at the birds or the dog next door. Which makes it amusing in my mind.

They do love the summer time when the windows are open. I do, too. It's one thing I miss the most about summer when it's gone.

Black cats are so difficult. Most pictures I have of this girl, she looks like a pair of eyes on a fuzzy black sock. Hah. At least she's a cute, fuzzy black sock!

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