Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Noms

I can't sleep. (Too much caffeine today.) So here are 3 of my favorite pictures of Domino. He is Domino, b/c, well, obviously. However, I have met a Domino more perfectly domino-ish than he. She has one spot on one side, two on the other. My Domino just looks like a cow.

He loooooves the cube. It is his favorite spot. You know, his nose used to have a large area of pink on it. I should find pictures to show the change of pigmentation over time. I wish the other half of his chin was black, b/c then it would look like a goatee. Silly, but it would make me happy. Sharpie, maybe? (just kidding)

Book surfing. He doesn't quite fit, but shhhhh, don't tell him. He's sensitive. By the way, Domino is my cat. I know I post about other people's pets and feral cats, so I thought I'd throw that out there. He's one of the three cats I took from my mother's. She didn't get her cat spayed, she had babies, and my mom didn't want to keep them. So I took the babies. They're two and a half now. (Her cat is still not spayed, but fortunately, the cat doesn't go out and there are no more cats in the house anymore. I've tried to get her to understand the importance of spay/neuter, but if you knew my mom.....)
Domino's had many names in his short life, but it's usually The Noms now. Sometimes Gurgle Man. (He gurgles/purrs very loudly when it's munch time.) And Mimo. I think the evolution of "The Noms" was something like Domino-Yomino-Nomino-Noms. And "Mimo" was what the little boy-next-door called him. (Actually, I don't know what he called him, b/c I don't think it was English, but it definitely sounded like "Mimo!")
So that's Noms. He's a good boy. He's really just a large pile of pudding. With a girly, squeaky meow.
Oh, and he does tricks, too! I've yet to get a picture, b/c it's hard to angle the camera just right when I've got a treat in my hand and Noms is desperately trying to get at it, but he can "sit" (most of the time) and "beg." Obviously, I can't show you a "sit," b/c, well, it's a sit. Haha. But I'll try to get a picture of his "beg." We're working on the tricks without treats, but there's not much motivation for him unless he thinks he might get a treat... (I'm lying, they don't really get treats. They only get pieces of their food b/c I'm mean like that. And Noms is a bit chubby, so he doesn't get many extras. I haven't even bought regular treats in over a year...) Oh, and he usually responds to "come here." If he wants to. So maybe 50% of the time? And tapping. He's about 95% on top of the tapping. If I tap my bed, he'll hop up. Or my lap, or the top of the bookshelf, or the windowsill, wherever.
I've been pretty lazy lately. I need to teach them some new tricks, b/c they're quite good at the "sit," "beg," and "come here." What should I try next? = )


  1. these are such wonderful photos. I especially love the closeup of Noms' face!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog

    I will add your blog to my blog list. Perhaps you could add mine to yours?



  2. Thanks! I will definitely add you!!! = )