Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand

This is my Rio. She is a fluffy mix of something. Chow was suggested. Shepard, too. But I am bad with identifying dog breeds, so don't ask me. Her mom went on a skiing trip with family and had some sort of heart attack/stroke while fixing her boot on the slope. She was sent to the hospital, but unfortunately did not recover. Rio's fate was uncertain for a week: we were trying to find someone to adopt her as was Rio's owner's family. I wish I could take her - she is a great dog. It turns out that Rio's mom's best friend will be taking Rio in.

I hope Rio will be happy at her new home, but I think it means that we may not see her again. The woman does not live in Rochester, I'm pretty sure. I'm glad I got to know Rio better before seeing her leave for another part of the country, though. She's very shy at first, but gets so excited about getting to play outside, especially laying in the snow (and eating it!), as you can see in the pictures. Rio is 7 or 8 years old, pretty mellow, even when playing, but a serious love bug. She loves to just hang out. She's a super wonderful dog and I truly hope her new family is just as fantastic. I'll miss her, as she's been staying with us for quite a while now. Her new mom will be picking her up at the end of the month.

This is Ella. (I think she's 5? or 6.) Pretty much any dog I post about will be one I adore, so I guess I shouldn't keep saying how much I love these dogs, huh? Ella is funny. No one knows her playful side unless they take her out on her walks. In her run, she is very quiet, borderline depressed. But as soon as she steps outside, she's a different dog. She's excited to be alive! She's very well-behaved, but when she doesn't want to come back in, Ella will simply ignore me. And run around as if we're playing - which is hard to not give in to. Oh, and Ella is a big dog, too. Waist level on me, I think? (I'm about 5'4")

This is Casey. Casey is about 8 years old and is completely, utterly, OBSESSED with tennis balls. She will bark at you nonstop until you throw that ball. She cannot get her mind off it, even for a moment. But it's great, b/c she is the type of dog that will bring the ball right back to you. Oh, and if it happens to roll away? She's right there to scoop it back up and place it within an arm's length. All you have to do is look at her like, "Excuse me, Casey. I am lazy and that is too far for me to reach." And she's right on it, making everything easy for the all-important game of fetch. Unfortunately for poor Casey, she has some hip/joint/arthritis problems and can't go too long playing this wonderful game. But as I said, she is OBSESSED. She can't be soothed by petting or treats (for long, anyway). So we tend to toss the ball short distances away. Then everyone's happy!

Casey, looking up at me, wondering why I am not throwing her ball. You can tell that she is not relaxed in this picture. Every muscle in her body is tensed for when I release the ball. I think the only time she relaxes is when the ball is in her mouth - or there are no balls to be found...

I wish I had been able to take a better picture of Zee. Zee is a wonderful boy, UNLESS he happens to see another dog. He is a bit nuts around other dogs and only wants to cage-fight. Out in the backyard, though, he loves zooming around at top speeds and peeing on everything, of course. He's also great to play with and loves to cuddle. I don't know where it came from, but I call him my Firecracker. (I've decided I want to name my next dog Firecracker. Firecracker and Hippie...)

And lastly, this is a super cute picture of Ian and Dylan. Ian has started becoming more adventurous. More playful. He loves tennis balls and little fur balls (that I make for him out of his own endless supply of shedding fur) and those jingly balls. And little, bouncy, rubber balls. He has also taken to lounging on comforters in the playroom, spazzing and attacking the stuffing as if it's alive. He's quite amusing. Unfortunately, even with the increased attention and space, he seems to be meowing more. And I can't really say I know why. I can tell when he's meowing for food. And for attention, but the rest of the day, I have no clue. And sadly, he has the most irritating meow. It's very nasally (is that a word???) and whiny. He better not keep it up when I take him home with me!!! Haha.

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