Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I splurged on the drop trap...

Now watch, I won't need to watch Snoopy anymore and will be out $175.

In researching drop traps, and trying to find someone that is capable of making them well, I found the Pawzenclaws Ebay page. Which led me to their own website. Because of Dr. Pierson's review of the ACA drop trap, I want to make extra sure that the trap I buy is not going to be made by someone who hasn't done their own research. So I read through the Pawzenclaws website, watched their youtube video, and came away feeling good about the trap. But still needing to be absolutely certain. I decided to email the "seller" at the Ebay page, asking how their trap compares with Dr. Pierson's review of Alley Cat Allies' trap. They wrote back, answering my questions wonderfully:

Hello Susannah,

Thank you for your email. I like someone who researches before delving into something new. To begin, I would never make a claim that any trap is "safe". One hopes that an intended capture goes smoothly but sometimes unforeseen things happen. There is inherent danger for the user and the animal in the use of such device. Now, in regards to the integrity of our foldable drop trap I am completely confident in its intended use. If you visit our website www.pawzenclawz.com and click on the "details" link; we list the items of construction which differ in comparison to ACA's and a few other drop traps out there. We knew the design could be improved of what was being offered out there so we set out and did just that! Now, I've read Dr. Pierson's page in the past and agree with much of her feedback. In all fairness to ACA this was based on their "old" drop trap. They do have a new one on their website under equipment however, it is not yet for sale. I do believe they have repeated some of the same flaws and presented new ones such as using pine, fabric netting, making the trap too light, and not offering an anchor flap to hold a weight. With this said, I do give ACA much respect for their TNR campaigns as well as their educational publications they make available. Also, if you haven't done so YouTube offers lots of videos educating the beginner with how to use drop traps. Check out our page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U26h8D_nHEI which has feedback from several people who have purchased our foldable drop trap and even someone who hasn't but likes our design (his site is great). Our design encompasses Dr. Piersons's suggestions for ACA's changes including - safety of the mesh, hardware, wood, and overall design. Most importantly, our design/materials offer stability which is required for any drop trap. Building a drop trap that is "debate free" is almost impossible. Example: We've read that the concern of the drop trap of injury to the cat's tail. So with this in mind we designed the contoured sides. A few months ago I heard from a gentlemen (this is on our YouTube page) who said he's had several hundred captures and not one had a tail injury with the trap he built that had flat bottom sides. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to meet, email, and speak with those involved in rescue efforts. Susannah, I hope I've answered your questions and I wish you the best of luck. Please contact me should you have any further questions, comments or suggestions.

Darlene A. Hatton

She certainly did answer all of my questions. I went ahead and ordered one of the traps - now I just have to order the transfer cages through the hospital! Dr. R said that the cages I want would probably be better for surgery handling anyway, which works out perfectly...


  1. I noticed right away when reading that you were able to get the link thing down pat! Cool. :)
    Happy that you got a trap though too.

  2. How did you like the trap?

  3. So far, very good! I've only used it two times, but it has been stable while up, and with the anchor, it is heavy enough to stay down with the cat(s) underneath... I've yet to trap more than one cat with the droptrap - we'll see how that goes!

    It folds nicely into my car, the handles make it a bit easier to lug around - we'll see how it holds up over time! But I love it so far!

  4. Thank you SO much for the link to pawsenclaws. I'd been looking for a good drop trap and feel that this one is really the best on the market right now. Cheers and purrs... Sarah