Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stranger & Company

The weather has been turning from a snowy, sloshy mess to a rainy, sloppy mess. But the cats seem to be happy with the increase of warm sunshine. (Jehzar, with Stranger and Torrini in background)

My feeding station really only serves one purpose well: keeping the water clean. Which is wonderful, since it's a pain to drag the watering can along with the food to the back gate (now padlocked due to rumors of burglers in the woods), but was not very helpful in keeping the cats out of the wind and snow. Also, five cats eating in such a small place does not always produce happy, lovely feelings with purple butterflies floating lazily around their heads.

Fortunately, I've been able to show my coworkers that at least 3 bowls are needed so that everyone gets a chance to eat. Telling them had little effect. Showing them that Pickle gets shoved to the side every time there are only 2 bowls produced an "oh, poor Pickle! He'll go hungry!" Happily for all cats, there are always three bowls now. Two heads in one bowl are fine, but three do not fit well because our Stranger (above) likes to hog the bowls.

As the ground dries up, I will have to haul some new straw out to their houses. I am glad that they have all made it through the winter, especially with that crazy blizzard we had. I had to go out there with a shovel and make paths to their houses because the snow completely covered their doorways! I was very happy to see little footprints leading to the smaller insulated house (the only time I've seen evidence of its use). I hope they all snuggled and made nice when it was freezing outside, because boy was it ever cold.

Speaking of making nice, Torrini here has something going on with his eye. A couple days earlier, it was all crusty and oozing, but it is clear again, although still swollen. Fight, most likely? We will be keeping watch over it and trap him if it seems necessary. Which is why I'm hoping to get a drop trap, because it would make it ever so much easier to trap these guys!

We've yet to trap Pickle (above), another reason we need this trap. Every time we put the regular traps out, Stranger and Snuggle go right into them. They won't let Pickle investigate. As of right now, we only have two traps, so we can't even trap them and hold them off the side to try to get Pickle. Those two are just food hogs! We even went out with a net, but couldn't separate Pickle with the food and get close enough to net him. Very frustrating.

Snuggle, our second food hog. The most meowy one, as well.

All the cats love this stick pile. I can't imagine it'd be comfy, but I suppose it's warm and dry in the sun. It's especially cute watching them snuggle up together on the pile in their little nests. I've tried to get pictures, but haven't been successful yet...

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