Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Grizzly Salmon Oil

I made my first trip to Lori's Natural Foods today. I want to be able to buy some things in bulk and avoid packaging, like rice, flour, beans, etc. Great store, but most of the food being local and organic, very pricey. They had a small pet section, which hosted many cat and dog supplements - great, too, because I had been wanting to buy some fish oil to add to their food. Mellie and Domino have coarse, dry, and extremely sheddy (probably not a word) fur. The fish oil is supposed to promote "healthy skin and velvety fur", and I'm hoping that "less shedding" somehow comes into play with those two.

There were a couple of different kinds of fish oil: cod liver oil, salmon oil, anchovy oil... I'll be honest, I decided on the smallest and cheapest one - 4 ounces for $7. But hey, at least it won't hurt. Oh, and I just looked it up on Amazon, and it advertises "less shedding." I really truly hope so! I will sing a song of happiness!

As soon as I came home, we tried it out. Noms will eat anything. You could tell that he recognized something was different, but he chowed down after a split-second hesitation. Mellie left her food to steal Noms'. It was as if she thought he had something different, but after stealing a bite, I put her next to her food again, and she ate without an issue. Smidge, however, is definitely more picky. She sniffed it, then left. Waiting for something better. I left her food up on the table, staying in the area to make sure the other two don't eat it. This was two hours ago, and she has finally ventured a few bites. Probably only because she's super hungry now.

I actually don't mind if Smidgie doesn't like the salmon oil, since she has a super soft, less sheddy coat anyway. Figures, too, because she's black, and I would definitely rather have black fur everywhere than white, but no...

Leaving her food up there, whether it's wet food (she eats wet food extremely slowly), or too much dry food (she gets full faster than the others), or food with fish oil (oh no, it's different!) - it's difficult. Noms tries to be sneaky and jump up there to gobble it down. (He's like a child stealing the candy here) Mellie is ever so persistant about reaching up to knock the dish off the table so she can eat it. So I'm constantly on guard, with my eye on the table, because I know Smidge will go back to eat. Just don't know when. But there she is now, eating all her food. Go Smidgen!

It would be lovely if the salmon oil does help us out with the fur problem here. I'll let you know in a few weeks if anything seems different. Are there any other good supplements for pets I should know about? I'm off to find out via the internets, but if you have any ideas, let me know!

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