Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Quick Recovery

I set Stranger free Monday afternoon, hoping that he would be able to recover well. I had Tuesday off, but am scheduled on Wednesdays, so I made a point to see how the Stranger fared. Armed with three bowls of cat food, I shooed Jehzar away from the fence (he finds it necessary to greet me by running through the fence). Setting the bowls down, I watched as Stranger made his way over. No noticeable swelling (his paw/leg was huge on Monday) and no noticeable limp (he hadn't been putting pressure on it at all, gingerly laying down to rest before allowing his leg to make contact with the ground). Which is AMAZING!
I am very excited and relieved to see that he is doing much better, even just two days from treatment. Also relieved that we could help him, since daily care really isn't an option.
P.S. No sign of the fox since that one sighting, but possibly a new cat in the area, a mostly white one? Haven't seen him/her yet - one of the vet techs noticed the cat. We'll keep an eye out...

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