Thursday, April 01, 2010

"Blogging Policy"

Yesterday at work, we received a new "blogging policy." After reading it through, I realized I would need to go through my posts to see if I needed to change anything. Fortunately, I've used initials for most persons, and where I forgot, I simply changed them back. Also, although it may be simple to figure out where I work (I haven't named our hospital or organization, but probably other specifics), I'm sure no one really cares *that* much to figure it out. I do only have a few readers.

However, I really don't want to get "talked to" about my personal blog. I heard that this has come about because a person within the hospital network posted pictures of a questionable nature taken inside their workplace. And another was complaining about their work on some social networking site.

The only areas in which this policy affects me is that I cannot post pictures taken within the hospital or of our organization's events and I have to make sure I don't say negative things about my workplace or coworkers. Not that I do anyway, I know that this is a public blog - but I wonder how nit-picky they'd be... Is it safe to mention dissatisfaction with certain issues? I guess we'll just play it safe here. = )

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