Thursday, October 08, 2009

Bud Bud

This is Bud Bud. His "real" name is Ian, but I only call him Bud Bud. He's the hospital cat. He lost his eye to an infection (I believe) and was a stray, which explains his tipped ear. He's the sweetest thing ever and really just wants to be someone's lap cat and sleeping buddy. He's older and has to eat UR food b/c of blockages. The people who had him didn't have the money to feed him a special food or get the surgery that makes it so he doesn't get blocked. So Dr. R made him a hospital cat.
Which is great, b/c I love him, but he doesn't get the attention he deserves. He has a limited area to explore and except for me making sure I spend at least 15 min. a day with him, he gets very little attention. So I bring him with me to print pictures for the report cards and I spend my breaks with him. And if I don't get a break on a certain day, I spend time with him after work. It's not fair that such a loving cat gets hardly any attention as a HOSPITAL CAT in an ANIMAL HOSPITAL. It's something that frustrates me, but except for spending my own time with him, there's little I can do.
He's such a great cat, though. He doesn't mind other cats and most dogs at all. He could cuddle with anyone for about 17 hours straight. It was a great idea to make him a hospital cat and not put him to sleep, but I hope we can find him a home at some point.

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