Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Prospective Adopters

So we have two (possibly) people coming to look at KB's kittens today. The girl was recommended by Mrs. L, the guy's mom found the ad on Craigslist. I already called the girl back to tell her that the calico is not ready to go to a new home yet unless she (the girl) feels comfortable spending a lot of time with her getting her more socialized. She still runs away when approached, doesn't like to be picked up, etc. (Note: the running away is not something that I think is easily fixed. Some cats are like that. Smidge, my little black kitty, has been with me since birth and still runs away from me when I walk towards her. But she lets me pick her up and do pretty much anything to her. I want this kitten to be able to be picked up, have her nails trimmed, be given meds if needed, etc. I don't want her to be scared out of her mind when approached/picked up.)

Also, this girl said she thinks it's cruel to spay/neuter. That's a big thing to me, so it's most likely not going to happen, but she can still come visit if she wants. When I spoke with her, I told her it's very important to KB and I that the cat is spayed because of health reasons. And indoor living - nobody wants to deal with a cat's constant heat cycle, spraying, male cats trying to find your kitty, etc. I hope I kind of made myself clear that if she doesn't spay, the adoption's not going to happen. Overall, she doesn't seem like a good fit for this cat. She doesn't have any experience in cats, doesn't want to spay. Who knows, we'll see.

The guy seems like an okay guy, but once again, who knows. He wants a male kitty playmate for his cat (whom he adopted from Petco), said he can get him neutered. Bert (male grey and white cat) is doing *great* per KB. He approaches her, snuggles with her, loves Onyx, etc. So we don't need someone as experienced for this little guy, b/c he's the kind of kitty almost everyone feels comfortable with. But I don't trust myself with this kind of stuff - I'm afraid all of these people secretly want to torture and breed and perform weird tests on these kitties. (Heard too many horror stories, I guess.) Do you just *know* when you know? I hope so.

There were two women that I felt great about, really wanted them to adopt. But the one wanted kittens who were already vetted, the other had a crisis with her dog and felt that it wasn't the best time financially to bring a new pet into the house. But I felt they were perfect, and that was just over the phone. So I guess I'll just try to listen to my instincts.

Wish me luck!

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