Thursday, October 01, 2009



I wanted a picture of Stranger on the header, but none of the ones I have seemed to fit right. That is actually Pickle at the top of the blog. When I get a good picture of Stranger, I'll switch it over, since he is the reason I started getting into stray and feral cats.
A couple of weeks ago, a woman who works at Quiznos brought over a dead cat in a plastic bag. She said she had found it in the road and wanted to know if we could cremate it under the "Good Samaritan" label. Didn't even know we had one, but we do. She was also wondering if it was one of our cats - it was a grey/brown tabby with some white on its paws. It was too difficult to tell, though. So I told everyone to be on the lookout for Tricky and Pickle, our two tabby and white cats.
Turns out, both Tricky and Pickle are still alive and well. I still regret that the cat had to die in such a way.

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