Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lots of pictures for today!

The shyest little calico cutie. I took these first pictures just a few hours ago. She has gotten to the point where she'll come out of the tree house, which is good, but she's still very shy. She'll tolerate some petting, but not much.
This little man is hilarious. He *has* to play with everything the others play with. Simply needs to be the center of attention. He's perfectly socialized, loves attention, fine with being picked up, etc. He's such a sweetie.

This girl will let you pet her if you have food, but she's not that big on physical attention. She's slowly coming around, though.

Little corker.

This little one is doing the best behind the black and white male. She loves to be petted, but doesn't like to be picked up.
These cages are the best. They've got shelves, hammocks, blankets. The doors are open 24/7, but they love lounging around in them still.
They love their hammocks. = )

Top of the tree house.

Those little mice are their favorites, especially the black and white one.

My mousie.

That's right.

These next pictures are from last week. Little Cujo (grey feral one) stays in the tree house when humans are present. The LV's have seen him scurry back in when they enter, but have seen him on the windowsill, eating, playing, so at least he's out when it's just the kitties. If he does not become socialized, he has a home with one of the LV's daughters as an outdoor cat.

Little girl hiding.

I think the blue hammock is a bit bigger. It's the favored one.

They love that feather wand as well. I think this girl's ears are so cute! They look so big compared to her little head! Or maybe they're just rounder.

Silly face.

I love her coloring. She's super cute.

This girlie has gotten a little better. She still swats at me when she doesn't want to be petted (which is 80% of the time). She spends most of her time on top of the tree house when people are in the room, but has felt comfortable enough to come down a few times to play and eat.

Hi there.

Cutie on the windowsill.

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