Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tipsy's Feral Cats

T and I are now involved in attempting to trap and sterilize the cats at a local bar. It's actually owned by the mom of a man who brings his dog here to our boarding facility. The woman has been feeding this group of cats for a while, another woman has been feeding the same group for over six years. Every day for six years. WOW. Did they not think of spay/neuter beforehand???

The bartender has taken home the three baby kitties. I brought the one to our facility just yesterday, as it has a respiratory infection. The third was finally trapped today. I believe she wants to find homes for the last two, but who knows. = ) She's a very nice woman, and I hope things work out well for the kittens. Now we just have to trap the other ten to fifteen cats!!!

Fortunately, the cats are being fed pretty well, but they need clean water and adequate shelter. I'm hoping to stress this to the people who are feeding them.

You look close enough, and there are cats EVERYWHERE. It's a bit scary. A bit overwhelming. Especially when our spay/neuter program is just a baby, and the kinks are far from worked out as of yet.

Also, we only have two traps at the moment, and the traps may not cover it when it comes to those who are too smart/too scared for them. I guess we'll figure that out when it comes to it, but I have a feeling it'll be *me* who does the figuring out.

Cats. *sigh*

Pictures in a moment. :)

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