Thursday, November 05, 2009

Inappropriate Elimination

I kind of like the phrase "inappropriate elimination." It sounds like a medical term, when really, it just means your cat is pissing and shitting where you don't want her to.

Mellie has started pooping and peeing on my bed. She only does it while I am not here, b/c I have a feeling Domino is ambushing her in the litterbox. Poop I can deal with, pee I cannot. I took her to the vet to make sure she is fine medically, but I know this is behavioral. They (the cats) need more room, which is something I cannot provide for them at the moment.

I am going to order a Feliway diffuser for my room, hopefully that will help. Until then, I was going to keep Mellie in the bathroom while I'm away at work or gone for a few hours, but it seems that my father has a problem with that. Because if the cat is in the bathroom, that means he can't go in there. Not that he uses my bathroom much, but the fact that he wouldn't be able to whenever it suited him just irritates him. B/c god forbid he enter a room in which my cat resides. God forbid the baby be near one of my cats. God forbid I find a temporary solution to help my cats WHO HAVE BEEN LOCKED IN A BEDROOM FOR ALMOST A YEAR. I am a bit upset right now.

Honestly, I would rather her pee on the bed than the floor, but if she stays in here and Domino keeps this up, she will pee anywhere she can to make sure he doesn't bother her. And that makes anything game. If they were allowed to leave the room, she would have plenty of opportunity to use a litterbox without Domino's supervision, but alas, no. My dad can't handle cat hair, can't deal with the cats, can't even stand to know they've been out EVEN WHEN HE'S NOT AROUND.

He told me I have two months to find her a home. I told him there's no way I would even consider rehoming her. I'm already looking for another job to move out, it's not like I'm sitting on my ass doing nothing.

Haha, find her a new home. If *God* told me to find her a new home I wouldn't listen.

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