Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Photos of the Tipsy Cats

Cat went a bit in, but didn't go further. I'm going to be tying the traps up so that they can get accustomed to eating from them for a bit. They were a bit shy of them...

All the cats seem pretty young. Between four months and a couple years.

There's one of the babies that the bartender took home. About eight weeks, I think?

Tiny baby.

The cats seem quite used to human presence, will stay within a couple feet, but won't let you touch them. A couple meow for their food, but I don't know if any of them have ever been in a home.

They all seem black and white, with the exception of that grey one.

This one is especially outgoing.

Pretty kitty. The baby had no ear mites, very little fleas (if any), which is good. Dehydrated, though. Need to make sure they always have clean water available.

I wonder where they sleep at night. They need some sort of shelter.

A lot of them look way too similar. I hope to be able to tell them apart after a few visits...

Let's get y'all sterilized! Walk right into the traps like good kitties!!! = )

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