Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I've been so excited about reading books lately. I just finished "For the Love of a Dog." About dog emotions, and thinking, and how their brains work, how they're similar to ours. I feel like I learned so much through that book. Facial expressions in dogs, insight into the way - and why - they think and feel the way they do... I'm no book review-ist, but it was a very, very good book. Something I'd recommend to all with pets, even just cats. And kids, too! It was so interesting and fascinating. Very clear with information, but the right amount of depth. Haha, I just loved it.

I borrowed two of Temple Grandin's books from the library today. They're looking really exciting, too. Oh, and I got that Dewey cat book, too.

I believe we're celebrating Christmas tomorrow, as both Rena and I have to work Friday. I got everyone books. Mystery/Thriller/Horror for Rena, board books for Brianna, and child-related books for my dad. About toxins in everyday life. And the effect of watching television in young children. They probably got me books, too. = )

I've been in a board/card game mood lately, too. But no one to play with b/c the baby takes up all Rena's time, and I don't trust my car enough to go anywhere but to work. I really want to play Egyptian Rat's Crew! And Speed Scrabble!!! Haha.

We're taking my car in after Christmas. We'll see how that goes... I've been thinking about how I rode my bike to work all summer. Now that I have the car, I can't believe that I did that. I'm a bit of a lazy person. If my dad had been less cranky, I probably wouldn't have. I guess it's good that he was, though. If I say so myself, I was a trooper. I just hope when the weather gets nice again, I will use my bike again, for some things. Maybe not to go to work, but I do like my bike. I do want to use it. I wish I hadn't bought it new, though. That was silly on my part. I'm sure I could have found a nice, used bike, for way cheaper. I had been in one of those stupid moods where you want something and you want it *now.* And so I bought the bike for way too much. For me, anyway. = )

So, RIT has no cats to be sterilized at the moment, Mrs. L hasn't called me in a while, and Tipsy's cats are on Habitat For Cats' list (and will contact me so I can help?). However, SW, the woman in charge of the RIT campus cats told me about an old man a couple miles away that feeds the feral cats at his house, near a Chinese food restaurant. I guess he's a little out of it or something??? Not sure, but SW said his neighbors and relatives help him feed the cats and such. They've been trapping the cats and taking them to Lollypop Farm (which breaks my heart, b/c I know they only get killed there as they're feral). But that they would probably be willing to trap them to have them sterilized and returned. So I'm going to try to get this man's information to help him out.

I'm starting to feel bad, b/c I'm kind of limited in how I can help these people out. I can't trap for people all the time - they've got to be willing to help with it. I can't provide a quick solution as trapping all the cats at once would do, b/c we can only do one or two cats a day. I can't provide a set day a week for this b/c of the differing schedule. I just keep reminding myself that something is better than nothing and that every cat that's altered is one cat who will have a better life b/c of it. It's a heart-breaking business, this is, caring for these animals.

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