Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My car has abandoned me with selfish notions of dying

My car's check engine light lit up early Monday morning. Took it to the car place next to the hospital on Tuesday. They say the catalytic converter is blocked, needs to be replaced. Which is around $1000, as mine is placed in a different spot than most others'? I don't know much about cars, but I do know that I don't have $1000. Maybe it would be cheaper if I order the part and then have them put it in? Or my dad? I don't know if he can do that, but...

I went to pick my car up this afternoon. My dad said he'll figure something out during these next couple of days. I stopped at the animal hospital to feed the feral cats since it was around noon. It reassures me that they still write "cats" on the noon list on the days I'm not there, but I still worry. It's hard for me to trust people.

I visited Ian for a couple of minutes while there. I was very happy to see that the two foster cats were allowed out. I texted T yesterday, saying if they had time, they should let the two out to spend time with Ian. He really enjoys the company of the other cats, and if he has the chance to spend time with anyone, we should make sure he can. She called me a "dork," but I was pleasantly surprised to see they were let out.

Whenever I mention that Ian is bored and lonely, I'm met with resistance. They either deny that he's bored/lonely, or say something along the lines of "It's better than living at the [insert hoarder's last name]." I don't know if she agrees, but instead of not knowing what to say, this time I said, "It may be better than living in the [hoarder's] squalor, but we can't dismiss the fact that he has emotions. That he's bored. And lonely." I tried to tell her about Ian and Milton playing together, running around, exploring together, to show her that he really does enjoy another cat's company. That he does enjoy more than sleeping and eating. And that that's all he does because he's bored. And lonely. You wouldn't think it would be so difficult to see this, but it's not just T. Everyone in the animal hospital refuses to acknowledge his emotions. That he needs more than a warm place to sleep and good food to eat. We all need more. Nobody wants to be lonely. I think it's so hard for them to realize that Ian needs more because they want to feel as if they've done a wonderful thing by accepting him as a hospital cat. And that's that.

People are complicated. You would think "animal lovers" would be in tune with animals' emotions, with their needs. You would think they would be able to find a way to do a good thing, such as fostering two cats from a hoarding situation, without complaining about it. Without giving the animals a time limit. Without making it seem as if it's even affecting them, when it's really not... I try my best to state what I believe in a non-threatening manner, b/c most people don't respond well to outright criticism, to saying that they're wrong, but sometimes, there's no way to put it gently. B/c they don't listen much, anyway. Haha. People are complicated. Sometimes they need a gentle remonstration of their views, sometimes they need a more firm opposition. But in my experience, arguments are never helpful. I've tried arguing. A lot. I don't think it ever helped any situation. Just made me exhausted and self-righteous. = )

I was very happy to see Wanda and Milton out with Ian today, though. Gave me warm fuzzies. = )


  1. Hey, that car. Look it up and see what a new cat should cost, for part and repair, online. Sounds to me like a lot of money. I knocked the useless innards out of the catalytic on one old car I bought used from a used shady used car dealership, and put it back on empty. It's a cheap solution lots of people do. We have no clean air tests here on cars and catalytics get stolen all the time for metal by meth heads. You can oft get a decent working one (not clogged) at a junkyard and install it yourself. Easier at somebody's place with a lift.

  2. I didn't mean to sound real white trash with the suggestion to knock the innards out of your catalytic and slap it back on. It's the solution of choice in these parts, where half or more of the population has zero money. I shouldn't junkyard either. The tow companies hate that term. Their operations are "wrecking yards" I'm reminded through memory of many reprimands. Some of the bigger ones have computerized inventories and can check to see if they have a cat that will fit your model and make. They tow cars, many just DUI cars left where the driver was arrested and the cars are never claimed and have many working useful parts that can and are cannabalized and resold. It's how I get tires. I sometimes have a different brand on every wheel, but I often get great tires for $10 each with very decent sometimes new tread, then another ten to have each mounted and balanced. I have lots of dirt poor living tips if you need them.

  3. Haha, thanks for the advice! My father wants to make sure that the car peoples are telling us the truth about what needs to be fixed, so we're going to be taking it to another place first. Then, yeah, I hope to be either ordering it online, which should be cheaper, or getting it from a "wrecking yard" or something. The tires are a great idea, too! I'll talk to my dad about that as well, since I really do need new tires - and the $ that I had saved for them now has to go to fixing whatever's wrong with the car...
    Sorry for responding so much later - it doesn't email me about the comments, so I didn't notice they were there! I felt bad about the other comments you left a couple months ago, too - I was rereading some of my older posts and noticed them - I hadn't ever seen them!!! Haha. But yeah, feel free to give me anyway relevant cheap living tips you have!!! = )