Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wanda and Milton's Potential Adopter

Adopted another cat. Very very very disappointing for me, as I really liked this man. But he was quite decent in calling me to inform me. An acquaintance of his had to give up her three cats to Rochester Animal Services. Two were adopted, but the third was left. The man went to adopt her to make sure she didn't get euthanized... Honestly? I'm very happy for that cat, that s/he was saved. (RAS kills about 70% of all cats that come through their doors.)

I may be the most cat-lady-ish person there, but I am not a miracle worker. I can't conjure great adopters out of thin air. There are thousands of cats that need homes, just in this town. It's difficult adopting a cat out - it takes time. You can't put a time limit on an animal's life, especially not when they're young and healthy. I'm hoping there will be no talk of taking them to a shelter - b/c although I had no say in allowing them to become hospital foster cats, I will not allow them to be sent to a shelter without a "fight." (I only put that in quotation marks, b/c I'm not very fighty-ish)

Milton has really come out of his shell, by the way. He and Bud Bud have become good friends. (Which further convinces me that when I leave the hospital, I need to take BB with me. I have a feeling he and Noms would be great friends. Noms needs a good Bud, b/c Mellie swats him, and Smidge gives in to him...) They especially love running around after tennis balls and little bouncy balls. It's so cute to watch them! Milton has also gotten better in allowing us to approach and pet him without thinking we're coming to squash him or something. Wanda is her sweet self still, giving head butts and pawing at you when you're not paying close enough attention to her. = ) They really are super cats and deserve a great home. (Just like the millions of other brilliant cats out there...)

I'm really hoping for someone special for these two!

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