Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Kate and I went to art therapy today. Except, it wasn't really art therapy b/c everyone had gone elsewhere? So she and I spent the time with two older women, Kate painting, me starting a little book. I've never been in a therapy group sort of thing before - this should be interesting.

After the art therapy, we went back to her house, where I looked up Jefferson Veterinary Hospital to find out their next available appointments. Kate and Jake ended up bringing the sick kitty home with them to get her some proper vet care. They decided that they would keep her if healthy (i.e. negative for FIV/FeLV) and rehome her if positive. (They already share their house with another cat, Gabby.) Jake determined that if the cat is theirs, he doesn't mind spending the money on vet bills to get her healthy. It just makes me *so* happy that someone is taking responsibility for this poor cat.

She's looking pretty shabby, this cat is. Patches of scabby, hairless skin due to fleas and scratching. Sluggish, not very responsive, and all the other things I mentioned in my previous post. BUT, I made an appointment for Kate and Jake to be seen tonight. I found out that Jake was pretty worried about her as well, too. He didn't want to get attached to her before knowing if she was too sick or not, though. So I took Kate and the cat over to meet Jake at the animal hospital and called a couple hours later for an update.

"Barb" (her old name, not being kept, however...) is negative for both FIV and FeLV (yay!), and is scratching so much b/c of flea bites that got infected. I guess she had an allergic reaction to the fleas? (I forget the actual name he used for the condition) She's a bit anemic (due to the fleas, most likely) and a bit malnourished. They were given some proper flea meds and some fiber stuff (?) to firm up her stool. The Dr. thinks she's just very run down and needs a little tender, loving care. They go back in a month for a check up and are out to get a kitty shirt/sweater to keep her from scratching/biting any further at her scabs.

Gabby, their resident cat, goes in a couple of weeks to get her shots, tested for FIV/FeLV, and to be spayed. It's about time, too! = ) When the new kitty is healthy again, she will go back to get her vaccinations and surgery as well. I'm really hoping that after the girls are spayed, they will get along together. Until then, they will be kept separate.

I really like the Dr. that they went to. He's a bit goofy, but super nice, and his prices are definitely more affordable than some of the surrounding vets in this area (including the one I work for). I took my cats there when they were kittens, for their vaccinations and surgeries. I only switched when I started working at Companion, b/c of the pet benefits I receive. When I am not working there, I will probably switch back over.

Everyone send this kitty some good healing vibes!!! We want her healthy and happy in her new home!!!

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  1. Yeah!!! I am really glad that the kitty was taken care of. And I am glad that Jake was willing for her to be seen..although, it would have been nice if he had wanted to do it even if you guys hadn't brought the kitten home.