Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Limpers

When Dr. R came back to the kennel for a visit, I told him about Pickle and Jehzar limping. I wanted to know if there was anything we could do about it. I expected him to say "no" as they are feral and we can't treat them in the typical sense, but surprisingly, he told me that if I trapped them, he would look them over for any wounds/abscesses and give them an antibiotic shot to help them heal. Both have been limping with their left front paws in the air, Pickle more so than Jehzar, however. (Pickle doesn't even want to rest his paw on the ground, as you can see in this picture)

I was hoping to get Pickle in the trap, but Jehzar wandered in. Dr. R looked at his legs and everything, but didn't see anything to be concerned about, so we let him go again. He has been walking almost normally anyway, this past week. I'm hoping to trap Pickle this weekend, because he is still hopping about.

RIT's group brought in two cats this week. I guess everyone was surprised that they donated $40 for each cat. I'm pretty sure that I told them that they wanted to pay the same here as they had been paying at Lollipop, to make sure they weren't taking advantage of what we're doing, but maybe they didn't remember? Or thought they'd change their mind?

Also, another woman contacted Habitat for Cats about the Tipsy colony. I guess she wants to help out with trapping, and may be able to help out financially, as well! Which would be great, of course! = )

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