Monday, January 18, 2010

A little irritated and sad tonight...

Kate has been talking to me for a couple of weeks about a cat that her boyfriend's friend took in. The cat was found in someone's garage, and this guy (Tait, I believe) said "I don't mind cats. She can live at my house." Which was nice and well-intentioned, but of course the cat never went to see the vet. And wasn't getting the litter box concept, as she had been living outdoors for a while. So he stuck her in the basement. It was nice that he didn't throw her back outside again, but you can't stick a sick cat in the basement without proper vet care and no sort of social contact. That's not a life.

Kate has been great, trying to help this poor kitty. Treating her for fleas, trying to make sure she stays warm and well-fed, but the cat is sick and needs to see a vet. I've tried to come up with solutions for this cat, but they're not going through. The guy says he doesn't want to pay for her medical bills b/c he's not going to keep her. Kate doesn't have any money, and her boyfriend says it's not his responsibility. Which I get, I really do. I've talked about how if I move in with Kim, she's got to understand that I'm not going to be taking care of Onyx. That he is her responsibility, and when I want a dog, I will get one.

But this cat has no one who's "responsible" for her. And that depresses me. Tait, in all reality, should be, and *is* in my opinion. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks the same as me: when you take an animal in your house, you are obligated to provide the best care possible. I understand if the guy is poor, felt bad for the cat, and offered her a warm place to stay. But if he has the means to take her to a vet and at least make her a bit more comfortable, then, yes, I believe he is responsible for that. How can you deny at least minimal health care to this helpless animal simply b/c she doesn't use the litter box regularly (due to living outside or other medical issues) and you, therefore, don't desire to keep her?

Life shouldn't be about who's responsible. It should be about taking action b/c it's the right thing to do. If Kim ran away or something drastic like that, would I hand her dog over to the shelter? No, of course not. He'd probably have a limited chance at adoption b/c he's a pit bull mix, even though he's super friendly and loving. I couldn't do that to him. He's not my responsibility, but when someone or some animal or some thing comes into your life, you have to try to do what's right. Simply b/c if you don't do what's right, how do you know anyone else will???

Kate asked me tonight if I wanted to come down on Wednesday to go with her to take the cat to a shelter. I told her no way. There is no possible way I can help her take a poor, sick cat to a shelter and feel okay afterwards. B/c we all know the no-kill shelters have waiting lists, and what are the chances a cat who's already sick and doesn't use the litter box properly is going to be adopted out into a loving family at a regular shelter? Slim. Hearing about this cat saddens me greatly, b/c no one is willing to step up and take this cat to a vet to be taken care of. I have offered to help pay for meds, but there's no one to actually take responsibility for this cat. To take care of her. But I can't help take her to a shelter, b/c I will have her face forever engraved upon my mind. The second she becomes real to me is the second that I fall into that pit of sadness where lost souls cry out, asking why they weren't saved. And I can't let that happen.

In the meantime, I will try to think of another solution for this poor cat. Feel free to suggest anything. I am new to this sort of heartbreak.

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