Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tipsy's Cats... Again

We're back in business with the cats at Tipsy's. I emailed Habitat For Cats about these cats, as I wasn't getting anywhere, and she told me they had a volunteer who was looking into the situation and would tell her to email me to see how I could help. She did email me a couple of days ago, telling me that she has been focusing on food and shelter at the Tipsy colony as well as a Hess station colony for the past couple of weeks, and was wondering what I'd suggest next.

Habitat for Cats charges $45 a cat. None of the people who feed want to have anything to do with donating money for these cats to be fixed. They don't even really understand the importance of fresh water and shelter. And though the hospital offers the surgery free of charge, they can't really do every cat for free. What I really don't want is for us to run out of funds right away and not be able to help anyone at all. (There are 40-60 cats between these two locations...) So we need to try to come up with some sort of plan to secure funds for Companion.

I've been trying to come up with a plan for a raffle, especially since no one at work is really helping out. I keep bringing it up, but I can't really do it all on my own. I did however, write up a whole plan which I will be talking to someone about tomorrow.

Habitat for Cats can offer a couple of freebie slots, but of course they can't do too many, either. I hope that this woman and I will be able to figure something out.

As soon as all of the paperwork is completed, she and I should be able to start trapping the cats at both locations. Not really sure where the Hess station is, actually. Maybe on Jefferson Rd?

I informed her of our limitations, how we can't schedule surgeries, but instead look for open spots to take advantage of. That we can't do more than two cats a day. That we can only help a couple colonies or caretakers at a time. With diligence, though, we should be able to make a difference.

I hope to be able to convince someone to help me take over the huts that J built, as well. They are too big for my little car. (The huts are great, by the way. All Boy Scouts should make these things!!! *thanks J*)

I am looking forward to actually working with someone. At Wendy's, I had the LV'sand Mrs. L. At the hospital I have my coworkers and such. At Tipsy's, I didn't really have someone to help, which made it quite frustrating. N told me that there were several areas in which the cats were being fed, which is part of the reason why it was so hard to trap the cats - they could go elsewhere for food!!! I had been really boggled by the fact that there were over 20 cats in that small area and no one want to come over and try to get the food out of the trap.

Anyway, I have to work in the morning, so i should stop my rambling. = )

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