Saturday, May 29, 2010

Conversation with the Caretaker

The bar/photo studio colony's caretaker called me back this morning. She's a very nice woman. If I happen to get any more kittens, I will be giving her a call. She said that she knows some people who've been interested in getting another cat. Let's hope that works out...

I tried to explain the importance of clean water to her, but she wasn't seeming to get it. She brings them milk, but not water. I didn't want to press the subject, because it wasn't about the bringing of the water - she just didn't understand the need for it. It makes perfect sense to me - cats need water just as every other animal does, including humans. I go by this place on my way to work, so I can stop by to refill their water - I just wonder why people don't understand the importance. You get thirsty on a hot day, right? So does a cat. And a dog. And a horse.

She expressed concern that the cats who've been sterilized don't fare as well as those who are still intact. Something about being calmer and not fighting for food as much? A few have been fixed over the years due to other organizations getting involved, and she says she hasn't seen any one of them since. Let's hope I can get more of them fixed and the colony will then stabilize.

She mentioned that if I happen to catch a certain black cat, who is very friendly with her, she wants to take her home. There is a grey cat who is also less skittish of people that her friend wants to take home? I did explain our program to her, how limited we are, so I hope she understands that if these cats are going to a home, we won't be able to sterilize them. I wish we could, but if I knowingly did so, when the program's rules state otherwise, I might lose my ability to bring cats in at all. And that would not be go good for anyone.

Also, if it were to happen (taking the cats into a home) I hope that they are truly comfortable being around humans. But though they may come up for some love in their home right now, they probably wouldn't want to be confined in some strange house. Ah, who knows. Not up to me, I suppose. = ) I would just rather the cats be sterilized and comfortable in familiar surroundings than freaked out in a house surrounded by things they've never even dreamed of...

Now I'm really regretting putting the kitten back down. She could have taken him in. Maybe I will be able to get him back next week. And then smuggle him home because he was soooo cute! Haha.

Well, I should go get ready for work! Have a wonderful day!

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