Friday, May 28, 2010


Female spayed today. She has beautiful eyes. She appeared to have been pregnant just recently, but didn't seem to be producing milk still. Fortunately for this little girl, she will not be having any more babies.

I took these pictures as we headed back over to their home.

Waiting in my car to get back home.

Male cat, neutered today. No more making babies!

After releasing the two cats, I saw this kitty come walking out. She was there last year - I looked back in my pictures, and though there are several black and white cats, I can identify her. I hope to catch her and the rest of her family to be sterilized.

As this cat walked away, black momma cat appeared. I believe there are three or more all black cats. One is a mom, whom I believe to be this one.

Possible momma cat.

Miss Kitty came around the dumpster and...

Flopped on the ground, started rolling around. Made me laugh.

She got herself thoroughly dirty.

But seemed to be enjoying her dust bath. = )

This is another slightly smaller black kitty. I waited a couple more minutes, but no more cats came out to visit.
I left a note for the woman that comes to feed them every day. She called me back, but we were only able to talk for a couple of minutes. I'm hoping she's able to call me before I head off to work tomorrow.

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