Thursday, May 27, 2010

Glad I Went Back

After a few hours at home, I went back to the bar area to trap another cat. I was hoping that as the day got cooler, the cats would venture more out in the open. And that they would be more interested in the wet food as theirs was all gone.

This time, I set one of the regular traps in the grassy area between two fences - one to the photo studio, the other to an industrial site. The woman who has been feeding them for over six years has put several wooden and plastic shelters in this area. It just needs to be cleaned up a bit - there are food dishes and garbage EVERYWHERE. I wonder if she would mind if I cleaned it up. Owners sometimes don't mind shelters and feeding stations, but they do when it's messy. One woman mentioned that someone from the other side of the fence has removed a few of the shelters set up - probably because they were put up without permission.

Anyway, I saw another black and white cat who meowed at me when I told him to "come on, get in the trap so we can go." She didn't listen to me, but her friend did. Not expecting anyone to enter the trap soon, I went back to my car to wait a few minutes before checking again. As I was talking to my sister on the phone, I saw black momma cat startle then run away. I knew that someone had probably been trapped, so I ran over with a towel and covered the trap. I think it looks like a male, but just like baby ages, it's difficult for me to tell male/female sometimes. = )

I took the mostly white with some black cat over to the hospital, where s/he will spend the night with the older female black and white cat. (The woman I met today said that the older female has to be at least 5 or 6) In the bathroom. It's relatively quiet in there. They will be fixed tomorrow, then released in the evening when I go home.

I'm not sure how many cats are in this area, but last year, there had to have been around 15 that I saw. I know that there are at least 3 black cats, 4 kittens, 1 grey cat, and a bunch (at least 5?)of black and white cats. But, well, 3 down!

I had met the woman that feeds the cats once last year. She was nice, but showed no interest in helping with getting the cats spayed and neutered. I need to be able to talk to her about the feeding, though. And water. I went to the thrift store today (I love thrift stores!) to find a metal bowl for water, because all though there were several food containers and a bunch of smaller dishes, there was no clean water. The woman had left milk (?) in a little plastic container, but the little water they had in one of the small dishes was just nasty. I filled the metal bowl with water when I left the first time. When I came back around 3 hours later, most of it was gone. Not spilled, but gone. Those cats must be incredibly thirsty. Not good.

I filled it again when I left with the second cat, but will go each day on my way to work until I can talk to the woman about providing them with water. She goes every day to give them food, water shouldn't be a big deal.

So, I am glad I went back. But if anyone has any trapping tips - feel free to share! It seems more difficult because I don't know these cats' habits. Where they hang out, what times they're there, etc. I know I may not be able to get them all, but when I think of Strayer (hint hint) and how she gets all those cats trapped - I feel like maybe I'm missing out on some information here? = ) Is it just lots of traps and dedication?

Goodnight everyone!

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  1. Hey, I love thrift shops too.

    Thanks for devoting your time to TNR these cats. You are doing such a service. I got 33 cats fixed in 2 years - so glad there are no more fertile females. It was all overwhelming to me. But I knew it was the right thing. You asked for tips. Use fishy smelling food or even raw/cooked bacon. If any are trap wise, you could make a drop trap. I have a link to a site where you can get directions on making one.

    Again, thanks for your devotion to this!

    For other folks (I consider cats and dogs as persons) reading this, my blog has stories and information helpful for cat caretakers everywhere.

    I wish for all the cat blogosphere kitties to stay well!