Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finally, a cat from the bar

Today, I finally brought in a cat from the bar. Why have I neglected this situation for so long? Please don't ask. Maybe I felt "too busy" or "too drained" or something. Whatever it was, it wasn't for the right reasons.

A wonderful lady has offered to help out with the trapping at the bar, something I will be taking her up on very shortly.

Lots of things have been changing in my life lately, which is mostly why I haven't been writing. I started a new part time job (still working at the animal hospital, but now only part time). I am preparing to move out of my parents' house in July. My friend and I were not able to find a place together due to pets and bad credit, so I will be moving in with a vet tech that used to work with me at the hospital. I think it will be good. Her place is close to both of my jobs, there will be more room, and her dog is more afraid of cats than desiring to chase them. =)

We'll see...

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