Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The cats may be too smart...

I had really been hoping to trap two of the adult cats the next night, but though I stayed out there for hours, I only trapped one. Better than nothing, though. A young grey tabby female. Dr. R said she had been pregnant before, but not recently. She was spayed, ear-tipped, treated with a flea medication (can't remember which one), and given rabies and distemper vaccinations. She looked pretty healthy, was at a good weight, no cuts or abcesses, no noticeable fleas or flea dirt, and no earmites.

There was a stupid truck out there the whole night, and I believe that is why the cats were staying away. The man would turn his truck on and off throughout the evening, which scared everybody away. That and the fact I caught a skunk. Who fortunately didn't spray me, but ambled out nonchalantly when I opened the trap door. Cute little guy, he was. = )

The cats are entering the traps and eating the food, but somehow, they are not stepping on the trip plate and are therefore not being trapped. It's very frustrating, because I want this all done as soon as possible. There at least four more adults, who knows how many more kittens out there. They NEED to be sterilized and this is slow-going. Not to mention that my dad is currently irritated with how much I am "focusing" on cats and not on driving, getting a better-paying job, moving out, etc. So I'm not able to go out there every night as I would like to.

I went back a few nights later to trap again, and this time, I caught a little grey kitten. About the same age as the others, but so much more scared. The LV's agreed to take him in, as he's still little. But though I was out there for many hours that night as well, I caught no adults. It's especially frustrating when a car pulls in and you see that they were all there, in the shelter, even in the traps, but no one is being trapped. Makes me want to chase after them with nets. (I read in an article recently that they have a little machine that shoots a net out - I should look into this.)

The hours spent at Wendy's break picnic table have been interesting. T camped out with me on one night (we should bring s'mores next time), I called a college friend that I haven't talked to in over a year, and wrote a ridiculous, lengthy letter to a friend on a paper plate while listening for the trap door. I don't mind spending two or three hours out there, but more is a pain. Especially since the cats are smarter than the traps. Too many times have I seen them scurry out of the trap. I need a remote control that snaps the door shut or something. Anyone have any suggestions?

I haven't trapped since then because of the pressures at home. I've been letting Mrs. L know she can go ahead and trap anytime she wants, just call me and we'll take the cat(s) over, but her cat is missing, and she doesn't have the time to trap while she's searching for her cat. So. It's getting colder, I need to pass my driving test on Monday, and I need to get these cats sterilized. This not being able to drive myself around sucks and NEEDS TO CHANGE.

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