Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wendy's Kittens Pt. 2

I have realized that I am not good at story-telling. In fact, I suck at it. I really only do well with "reporting" life. Non-fiction is where my comfort zone lies. So where we at before? Oh, at "no answer."

I had been feeling dismayed, because I always seem to have very few, very limited resources. I knew we'd have to figure something else out if I never got an answer, but in the meantime, the cats needed water and bowls. (They had been drinking out of some flimsy plastic container.) I took some metal bowls from the lost and found at work (They had been there for over a year and a half, so don't be judging me). Unfortunately, the bowls and water bottles did not fit in the bag that I usually carry on my back when I ride my bike. (I had only one bag that could be carried on my back.) So I took a shoulder bag, thinking I would be able to balance it on my shoulder while biking over there. I was wrong. So I put the bag on the handlebar, thinking I would be able to ride with it swinging gently. I was wrong. The bag caught in the wheel, stopped the wheel abruptly, and flipped me over the handlebars.

It was the most adventurous thing I've done recently. However, I think I should take a moment to say "Kids, wear your helmets." Because I was not, and I am very thankful that I did not hurt myself. And that no one ran me over. I now wear my helmet even if I'm going next door. (Well, maybe not... but you know what I mean.)

I made it the rest of the way without event, though I was horribly dismayed to see that I had smushed the bowls up in my crash to the pavement. The water bottles were still intact, thankfully. And I was able to form the bowls back into shape. = )

As I topped the hill, I noticed a large vehicle parked in the area where the cats congregate. "Oh no," I thought, because I have issues with talking to unknown people. But meeting this couple is the best thing to have happened for me, Mrs. L, and the cats. I told them about my desire to spay and neuter everyone and Mrs. L's desire to socialize and find homes for the kittens. And they expressed that they wanted to help, that they're big cat lovers, and want to see the situation resolved as well.

I told them that I needed permission from the land-owners to trap and return the cats. They were all, "Oh she won't care, you'd be doing her a favor." But they understood that Dr. R needed it for legal reasons, so they actually paid her a visit and got her written permission. Can you believe that? Here I am, writing and emailing with no answer - and they know her. Life can provide you with the right resources, I guess. = )

So now that we had permission, Mrs. L asked if we could have some sort of meeting. It was a bit awkward, but KB went with me, so it wasn't as uncomfortable as it could have been. We made a tentative plan to catch the kittens, socialize them, find them homes, etc. I didn't feel we talked about the adults enough, but that's another topic. Mrs. L and I were very happy to have people as wonderful as the LV's on board.


I forgot to mention that KB offered to take in two of the kittens to socialize them. I asked her to do this under the impression that Mrs. L already had homes for them. Because that is what she told KB and me. Except KB has had the kittens for three weeks now - and no sign of homes. Not only do I feel bad that I got KB into this, but I am the one paying for everything. Food, litter, toys, and now vet bills. I just hope that I can come up with enough money. We're just doing basic worming, meds for upper respiratory infections, and testing the male for FIV/FeLV. But still, at just above minimum wage, these things are expensive. But I'll figure it out.

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