Thursday, September 10, 2009

Trapping Wendy's Cats

Mrs. L decided to try to trap the kittens with a cage. Lure them in with the food, when there's a bunch in, close the door. It worked to catch five of the kittens. But the last two (known) kittens were being a bit shy, so we knew we'd have to get out the big guns: Havahart traps. Mrs. L took our two traps over Monday night. She tied them open, and set food in the front, middle, and back. The cats ate all the food, so on Tuesday night, I went over and put food in the middle and back. All gone the next day as well, so to trap the kittens/cats, I untied the traps and rigged them up. This time, only food in the back so the trip plate is activated and *voila* trapped cat.

I was a bit worried that the trip plate wasn't going to be sensitive enough - these cats are on the small side. The kittens are about four pounds, I believe. The moms probably aren't more than eight. But I set them up in the food shelter (which works *great* as a disguise for the traps, by the way - they were already used to going in the shelter for food, so now they just walk in the traps) and hoped for the best. Went into Wendy's to wait at least a half hour - maybe I'll go over to that picnic table next time. It was a bit awkward pretending to be a patron.

After a half hour, I went to check. And of course, all the food was gone, no trapped cats. "Damn it," I thought. Knew the traps weren't going to be sensitive enough. I went back inside to get my stuff so that I could set the traps again because I had no other choice. Certainly am not going to be chasing the cats with nets.

Grabbed my backpack, hoping people would leave my book and tray alone. Got out the cat food, but lo and behold, the little calico was thrashing around in one of the traps! Yea! I covered her with the sheet and she immediately calmed down. I placed her on top of the shelter and set the other trap. I walked a few feet away, not sure if I wanted to wait outside or in the Wendy's. But as I stood there, I heard the second trap's door slam shut. It was the little torti! I placed her next to the calico and covered them both with the sheet. Then called T for a ride over to the LV's. She was babysitting, though, and her sister was late, so the LV's came to get me and the kittens. We deposited them at their house and they dropped me back off at Wendy's to try to get some of the adults. But T was tired, so I couldn't really stay long. (A bit irritating to me, but what can you do when you have to rely on everyone else?)

So I tied up the traps again and put all the food in the back for them. Fortunately, I am going back tonight to trap again. Dr. R will be working tomorrow and has time for surgery. Hopefully T doesn't bail on me again. She kept telling me I should trap during the day but doesn't understand that if the cats don't come out during the day, you're not going to be able to trap them during the day. She said, "you should start feeding them during the day." But, truthfully, it doesn't matter when we feed/trap. I can easily* drop them off at the animal hospital at night, so there's no need to change their schedule.

I really hope to get two of the adults tonight. Wish me luck! = )

*Well, not easily, but day is no more easy than night for me, anyway.

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