Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Kittens

So, the LV's had eight kittens total. P is in construction and can whip handy things up in seconds, so you should see the cages he's fixed and rigged up to become great housing units for the kittens. I should get some more recent pictures, because these cages have carpeted shelves, hammocks, and are now on wheels. It's wonderful. = )

For the first five, socialization was pretty easy. Petting them and picking them up was able to be done in a few days. All of the kittens went to the vet, were dewormed, tested negative for FIV/FeLV, had Frontline applied, and got their first shots. All behaved pretty well.

The next two, however, were a bit slower to come around. The torti is now doing great, but the little calico does not let herself be picked up. And the last one, that little grey ball of fluff - he's been nicknamed Cujo. Not sure about him. Can't even pet him. Can only touch him with the feather stick. If he doesn't come around in a month, I would definitely vote to have him sterilized and released somewhere safe. (These last three had all the vet goodies as well, but they were not as well-behaved as the first five.) Heard that they screamed bloody murder.

I've put up ads on Craigslist, Mrs. L has put ads in the paper, we've all put up flyers. So far, no takers on KB's two, unfortunately. But one little calico has a wonderful home now, the torti has a home lined up, and the little black and white one may have a home as well. The LV's daughter wants to take the little grey ball if he becomes socialized - if not, she'll either have him as an outdoor cat or we'll release him back behind Wendy's. So we've got four more calicos and the long-haired grey and white boy to find homes for.
And I thought I had found someone who really wanted the grey and white boy today, but it turns out they're the ones who love the little black and white one. Well, at least one of them's got a home, right?

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