Tuesday, September 29, 2009

KBs two kitties

These are KB's two kittens. I have taken them to the vet for upper respiratory meds (that shit is expensive), deworming, and testing for FIV and FeLV. I may get their shots, not sure yet if my budget can afford it. I also treated them with Frontline Plus. (Good thing for samples!) I'm really hoping to find them homes soon, because KB's had them for a while, and Mrs. L is not exactly helping.
Though there's nothing I can do now ('cept find them good homes), it still pisses me off that I was brought into this thinking that Mrs. L had homes already lined up. (She told me this) That KB would be "socializing" them, not "fostering" them. (She said they just need a couple of weeks in a home before being adopted out.) There's a difference. I was also under the impression that she would have them for three weeks, tops. She's had them for over two months now. I did not expect to have to take them to the vet, to have to pay for food, litter, etc for more than a couple of weeks. It doesn't help that Mrs. L is not calling me back, is not helping with trapping, is not giving out the right information, is not helping to pay for any of their vet bills.
Well, I know now. And I know that I really don't want to be involved right now in rescuing - I want to get animals sterilized - but other people can go ahead and do their rescuing to their hearts' content. I just can't afford it, honestly. I make almost minimum wage - which does not include paying for feral kittens' vet bills. Irritated that I got pulled into this with completely different intentions and expectations, but at least I know better now. Won't be doing this again.
Oh, but on a good note, I finally have my license! Yay! Fifth time's the charm! = ) Haha.

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