Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pictures of Wendy's Kittens

Little torti. (all pictures can be clicked to view larger)

Group picture with one of the mamas and my foot. = )

Thirsty cats.

Look at the face on that little calico. (She's one of my favorites.)

More drinkage.
Black mama kitty.

Trying to get them to eat off her hand.

Kim and my foot again.

Eating off a paper bag.

Since we met the LV's, there has been a shelter put up for food and water. No more just laying it on the ground. I'll have to get some photos of it. Paul also anchored two plastic summer shelters for sleeping, which I put straw inside of. We're going to attempt to find a used dog house on craigslist that we can modify for the cats to use during the winter, though. It's unbearably cold here in the winter.
All the cats in these pictures are at the LV's house, being socialized. (Except for mama.) All need homes, except the more defined calico, who is already spoken for. I'll post more pictures and information on how they're doing in a bit. = ) I am just really hoping that we can find good homes for these guys! And get the rest of the moms/dads spayed and neutered before winter arrives!

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