Thursday, June 17, 2010

1 more from the Tipsy colony

This is our first black and white female we spayed at the bar/photo studio colony. Glad to see she's doing all right after her surgery.

Same girl.

So I went over to check the traps. Found a woodchuck. Freed him and rebaited the traps. As I was doing this, these cats were just following me around, checking me out. I can't tell the difference between most of the black and white cats - there are so many of them! I saw at least three different b&w cats, two black cats, and the grey one from last year. Didn't get a picture of the others, though. The only one I've seen that we've already fixed was the first black and white girl. I'm keeping an eye out for the others, though!
This area is right behind the photo studio. The wooden fence belongs to them. Not sure who owns the land behind the chain-link fence. Several huts were set up for the cats back here between the fences. Some dog houses were put on the other side of the chain-link fence, but have been removed recently, possibly by the property owner. Always good to get permission, because otherwise, resources get wasted. It's sad to think their shelters were thrown away. I know one mom cat had been using one of the dog houses as her baby shelter. And now it's gone.

This cat was following me around the most. I was able to touch her twice briefly - just the tail, but she is obviously comfortable enough to get quite close. She was very interested in what I was doing. I think she wanted some of the food. But it was making me crazy, because these cats were just lounging around within an arm's length from me! I wish I had a net! I wish I knew how to use a net properly! I wish I could trap ten of them in one day to get more fixed at one time!!!

As I was setting up the other trap, missy here walked into the little one. I believe this is the one who kept following me like a pet cat. She appears to have the same markings as the cat above. Maybe she knows what's good for her! She will be spayed tomorrow. RIT may be bringing in a cat tomorrow morning as well, so just one for today. I will set a trap in the morning for another cat at this colony if they are not successful.

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