Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Return of the Muffin

I did not take any pictures of Stud in the trap. He was very angry. Very feral. He also stunk up the whole hospital. Male cat urine - blech. I'm glad I cautioned the techs about this guy - I guess he was very difficult to anesthetize. Poor guy. I know he must have been so freaked out, not knowing what we were doing to him. But at least he is now neutered.

When I drove over to return StudMuffin, I saw two of our fixed kitties hanging out. It's such a nice feeling to know these guys won't be contributing to any more babies. We've got anywhere between 5 and 10 more cats to TNR at this colony. But we're getting there!
Here's our super friendly male - not enough to be petted, but enough to follow me around! He was neutered less than a week ago. I'm glad to see that he's still around.
I made sure to arrive yesterday around the time the caregiver would be arriving with the food. I knew a bunch of the cats would come out to meet her, and I also wanted to give her a bag of cat food. I've had these two bags of cat food in my trunk for several months without anyone to give them to. I know how expensive it must be to provide for all these cats, though, so I wanted to be able to help, even if it's just two weeks worth of food! I gave the other big bag of food to the Wendy's colony caretaker on Monday night, but more about that later...

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