Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wendy's Colony

Both cats that I brought in last night were males. I am so bad at judging gender!

I returned them tonight at dusk. They shot straight into the tall grass. They usually only venture out at night, so I wanted to make sure it was dark when I returned them. Figured it was only fair. = )

There used to be a barn in this field. I forget if it burned down or if they tore it down. But this is where these cats come from, no doubt.

When I brought the two males back tonight, I saw a black and white cat. Appeared male, but we all know my track record on gender. He just sat there and watched me. He did not seem as skittish as the others. Could this be the cat Mrs. L. was talking about last year? I hope not. She said she had met a friendly black and white cat - one who gave love bites. This cat was comfortable enough to not run away, but didn't approach to my sweet-talking. First time I've seen him, but I know there's at least one more intact female here - he might have ventured over for the food or the girls... Actually... I think she said the cat was more black than white... I'll have to look through previous writings. (Edit: Just looked. It appears to have been a white on black cat. With a white-tipped tail. The cat I saw tonight was definitely black splotches on white.)

I checked the book today to see the sexes of the cats. In doing so, I found the pages for the two kittens - they did get their distemper vaccinations, which is good. Just no rabies.

I'm planning on trying for a bar cat tomorrow. But my father has to go in for another surgery, so we'll see if I have time...

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