Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well don't you look a bit familiar?!

Girls spayed this morning, returned tonight. Seemed to be doing okay.

Little man from last year. My friend fostered/socialized him, and I finally found him a home. It took over three months. It was hard. And expensive. I wish I could do it again, because it's hard putting the little ones back out there.

And who's this? Looks familiar, huh? I actually think this is an older sibling. Grey and white Momma kitty has a similar white marking, but I don't believe this is the original Momma. There is at least one more adult grey and white cat out there, at least two more kittens, and most likely a black adult. I know we spayed a black female last year, so if I trap a black cat, I will just have to make sure she hasn't already been spayed.
I trapped this kitty with the drop trap and transferred her over to the havahart trap. After a while, though, the cats were just not coming out, and it was getting too dark to see the trap clearly, so I packed up and put the regular traps out in hopes of getting one more.

And I was lucky. This one may be a male... But I've been wrong, often, so who knows. I haven't trapped any males here yet, though... Except for two of last year's kittens, but the males go off roaming while the females stay and have their babies. Maybe this is the one making all the babies! Well, male or female, no more babies for this cat!

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