Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Female from Bar Colony

Have I mentioned that this colony is all black and white? Two grey cats, but the rest are all black or have a similar black and white splotch pattern.

This girl was brought in today by misunderstanding. The woman trying to trap the kittens (who brought in the cat with the big, old wound on his face last Friday) trapped this little girl yesterday, but instead of calling me, took her right over to the hospital. They weren't able to spay her yesterday, and I'm not really sure what they told her... So she brought her back this morning, when fortunately, they had time to spay her.

I talked with the woman today. I believe we have cleared up the misunderstanding. She's going to keep trying to get the kittens, and if she gets an adult cat, she will call me first. The only problem with *not* calling me first is simply because I'm the one trying to keep track of how many, what day, and who's bringing them. They don't know any cats are coming in unless I block some time off in the schedule. Also, I don't want the peoples at work getting frustrated and start complaining about the program... This little girl is our 35th cat - and I want to be able to continue helping these cats out!!!

Clearly giving me the eye... I brought thank you cards to work today for everyone involved in spaying and neutering the cats. I appreciate what they do for these cats so much. Especially when it means that they have to do extra work.

This little girl was a little more difficult to spay due to an elusive uterus. I guess she had a weird packet of fat that at first they thought was milk, but then realized was fat. Not sure what's going on there, but at least she's spayed now. No more babies for her!!!

Have a beautiful night!

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