Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two kittens I have seen

Little black kitten eating a piece of bread. The caregiver had just come with food. I knew I wanted to trap a cat today, but only had one trap, so I was debating on the usage of the drop trap, since a bunch of cats were out.

Tabby kitten and Momma appear.
Momma watches as the babies eat. There may be another black and white kitten - not sure if it's the same mom, though.

Family picture.

I had my trap out, hoping a curious kitten would enter so I could give them over to one of the three women who are willing to find them homes, but as I sat in my car watching, it snapped shut of it's own accord. And scared everyone off. So I got my drop trap out and waited for someone to come back.

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  1. what a beautiful family!! i love seeing mama cats with their babies..