Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Watcha gonna do when they come for you?

Laugh, I guess...

I decided to pull in to the empty building's parking lot next to the Wendy's (the one we have written consent to be on the property of) instead of parking at Wendy's. I knew I was going to be there longer than a half hour, and I didn't want to use up a spot for paying customers. I figured it would be easier, anyway.

So as I'm setting all my cat-trapping stuff up, I'm waving at the people walking by or riding by on their bikes, because I know they're wondering what I'm doing. Better to be openly friendly than suspiciously creepy, I figure... And then this silver car pulls into the parking lot, slowly turning around (getting my license plate number) and stalls near the road for several minutes (calling 911).

Knowing the people in the silver car don't know what's going on, I start walking towards them, hand up like "hey, how are you" but they just speed off. I go back to my business, certain that I'll have visitors soon...

As I'm talking to this older man on his bike about what I'm doing (I actually take care of his cats when they stay at our boarding facility), the cops pull in. 2 cop cars for this girl here. At least they didn't pull in with the sirens going. Haha.

"Suspicious female in green carrying cages into the field." Yep, that's me. Suspicious female. Definitely wearing green. And carrying cages. Oh, goodness.

Only one of them got out of the car to see what was going on. But since I already knew why they were there, I told him about the car, that I was expecting them, and *all* about what I was doing. As the older man rode away on his bike to get home before dark, the officer got out and asked to see how the traps worked. I showed him the drop trap, why I was using it, and how I transfer the cats. He laughed when he realized that I pull the string to drop the trap - said it reminded him of something in a cartoon. Guess it kind of does...

So, it wasn't all that awkward to have to the cops called on me. But that's because the officer was incredibly nice. Not an asshole. He also reminded me of my godfather. Who is a police officer. Or sherriff. Deputy? I don't know.

I guess they have a feral cat population behind the station. Of course, BECAUSE THEY ARE EVERYWHERE OH MY GOD!!! He told me I should come over there and help them out. After Wendy's and the bar/photo studio area are stabilized, I think I probably will. Who doesn't need to know a nice officer every now and then? Haha.

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