Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tipsy kittens

A black and white kitten was trapped on last Friday at the Tipsy colony. We were trying to get one more adult before noon, but a wee one went in the trap instead. When it would be more convenient to get a kitten, we trap a cat. When I'd really like to get another cat, we get a kitten! Silly creatures. = )

I would like to set more traps, but I really can't afford to. If I trap more than we have time for, I would have to keep them for several days - and I don't know how to take care of them in a situation like that.

A woman went over on Saturday to try to get the remaining kittens. I don't believe she was trapping - I don't think she has a trap. But she feels bad for the babies, so I know she wanted to make some sort of attempt.

I have realized over the last couple of days that I won't be able to help the colonies that don't have caretakers who keep up on the cats needing to be altered. Since we can only spay and neuter a couple cats a week, we need to focus on the caregivers that do make an effort - otherwise, we're wasting time on a lost cause! In order to make a difference, we need to halt the reproduction of colonies. I'm fine with this taking time to complete - but since I am not the caretaker, I don't know the colony. And I don't know when there are cats that need to be trapped. So if one or two cats are left unaltered, and I am not aware of their status, I'm not going to be able to get them fixed. And that one cat will have babies, which obviously in a few months, leads to more babies. So it doesn't matter how many I got spayed and neutered - because the reproduction hasn't stopped!

I know that the surgery is a benefit to the cats - and I want to help them all. But I am mainly interested in stopping the breeding. I've realized that it's not the numbers that are important - it's the ending of the reproduction cycle of outdoor cats. And I can only do that when the caregivers work with me. Otherwise, there's really no end. And it's not worth the heartache.

For example, our colony at the hospital is finished. Eight males neutered (5 of which remain) - no newcomers in a long while. I'm sure there are other cats in the area, but they are not in our colony. But if we see a new cat, we will trap him/her.

Anyway. I just thought it was worth noting the decision I made. I fully intend on getting the Wendy's cats spayed and neutered, but after this, I can't work with someone who doesn't keep me up to date - or doesn't help with the trapping. Because there's no point. And I don't have a lot of time to waste - especially when I could be helping someone else.

OH, and the last b&w cat from the bar/photo studio colony? Was a male. Maybe over time I will get better at this. I hope to do some more trapping this week. And get that elusive female from Wendy's. Sans cops!!!

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