Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fire and poison

While transferring the black cat over to my car today, I talked with the woman who's been helping me with the trapping. I asked her about the kittens she's taken in (betwen 5-8) over the years. She said none of them have tested positive for FIV/FeLV, so that's good. Maybe the cats here aren't actively sick, just not super healthy. I don't know. They look rough, though. And thin. BUT, maybe I'm just so used to seeing my plump cats that my opinion is skewed.

I asked her about the houses on the other side of the fence that have disappeared. She says there are teenage boys who like to skateboard over there - and destroy the houses. I guess she outted them for being over there and they retaliated by removing/breaking/setting fire to some of the houses. I just hope none of the cats were hurt. She says she doesn't believe they've touched any of the huts that are between the fences. I hope not, because the cats need places to go!

She also said that the owner of the photo studio poisoned some of the cats a few years ago and bragged about it after throwing their dead bodies over by the dumpsters. I don't even have words for that. People who are capable of such actions have this human/animal separation. Humans are supreme beings, animals "just animals." Pests. Like cutting trees down because they're in the way. And I don't know how to fight that belief with any bit of success. Most people I know are like that. They believe people take precedence over animals merely because they are human and "animals" are not.

Maybe I'll figure out how to combat these beliefs with time. I hope so. Because I hate not knowing what to say that might actually go through someone's defenses of "I am right, you can't touch me, EVER!!!"

Well, goodnight. = )

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